We Are Harps North West 

Harps North West is a registered charity whose main aim is to promote playing, teaching and appreciation of the harp.

We offer lots of exciting opportunities for people in North West England to learn more about this beautiful and fascinating instrument.

We aim to enable more people to enjoy the harp in its various forms: from the inexpensive "cardboard" lap-harp to the glorious concert harp and everything in between, but especially the lever harp which is also known as the folk harp or clarsach. 

Most of our members, teachers and players live in

Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire, where we organise workshops, playing groups, skills sessions and our Summer Harp Festivals.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site, and that the harp will capture your imagination as it did ours!

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Notice Board 

Our Next Events 

FRIDAY 12TH - SUN 14TH November

Higham Hall - Weekend with the Small Harp  

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 SAT 20TH NOV 2021 10-12.30

Christmas Party Rehearsal 

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SAT 20TH Nov 9.45 -12.30

Absolute Beginners' Session

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Our role as a charity

 Harps North West serves the general public in these ways:

    • We introduce absolute beginners of all ages to playing the harp at  tutor-led Beginner Workshops.

    • We promote and organise tutor-led Player Workshops  and courses for harp players across a range of abilities. These workshops and courses primarily are open to our subscribing members but some are also open to non-members.


    • We promote and provide harp playing performances, as informal recitals and as formal concert events open to the general public.

    • We provide information to the public to promote the work of Harps North West.

News and Updates 

Find out what we have been up to as a society and as individual harpists and all the exciting goings on in our harping community. 

Workshops and Events.

Find out what exciting workshops and events we have coming up over the next year.  

Becoming a Member 

For our subscribing members our management committee promotes harp playing opportunities and social activities

 Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Free Monthly Workshops 
  • Playing groups 
  • Info & support in all things harp
  • Access to Harp Hire
  • Monthly News Letters
  • Priority booking on Guest tutor workshops.

Online Leaning and Resources

Our JaNEWary Challenges will remain online for you to keep revisiting and learning, with expert guidance from one of our tutors Mary you can learn lots of new music with us. 

We also have a section dedicated to links to all things harp, from suppliers to festivals and all things inbetween. You can find alsorts in our Harping Directory.