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Today's Video - 20th Jan

Welcome to JaNEWary Challenge 2021! 

This year we are delighted to be sharing three wonderful pieces with you, including a piece for lap harp by Kristine Warmhold, and two brand new compositions, brought to you by Eira Lynn Jones and Paul Lewis!

We start with Eira's piece, which has the added excitement of requiring a name - listen to it in full on day 1, and enter your suggestions for what it might be called when it is published in her brand new collection "Summer Days" being released later this month.

On day 14 we move to Kristine's "Solace" - a beautiful piece for lap harp, which can of course also be played on larger harps too.

Day 20 brings us to our final superb offering, Paul's "Autumn is Nigh".  (Listen to it in full on day 19!)

With rest days and opportunities to catch up, and as always, the encouragement to go at your own pace! Here's to 2021!

JaNEWary Challenge 2021 from the beginning.  

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