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JaNEWary challenge & Online Learning 

Ready to learn some new tunes? or looking for a challenge for the month ahead? 

Follow the wonderfully clear guidance of Mary Dunsford in her online tutorials. 

Each day by day series of vidoes take you through a whole varitety of pieces of music kindly donated by past tutors. Dealing with a few digestable bars at a time,  Mary expertly guides you through learning new pieces for your repertoire. 

Click on the links to see our previous year's challenges and watch this space for next year's JaNEWary Challenge! 

List of pieces. 

2020 - Day 1 - Warm up exercise 

          Day 2 - The Seal Lullaby, arr. Lauren Scott 

          Day 12 - Chopiene, Doug Thomas 

          Day 24 - Pachelbel's Canon, arr. Sylvia Woods 

2019 - Day 1 - Pure Imagination, arr. Lauren Scott 

          Day 7 - Pure Imagination, arr. Lauren Scott (advanced) 

          Day 14 - Ruff Reggae, Ben Creighton-Griffiths 

          Day 22 - The Good Boy's Lunch, Mary Dunsford. (lap harp) 

2018 - Day 1 - Rock to Joy, arr Mary Dunsford.  

          Day 7 - Armenian Duduk Melody, arr. Wendy Stuart 

          Day 17 -Row Row Rondo, arr. Mary Dunsford 

          Day 22 -Funky Blues, Ben Creighton Griffiths 

2017 - Day 1 - Music from Skye, arr. Karen Marshalsay 

          Day 11 - The Wolves, Stephen Dunstone 

          Day 21 - Cumbrian Music, arr Mary Dunsford 

2015 - Day 1 - Tracey's Wriggly Jig, Karen Marshalsay 

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