We support groups of playing members by, for example, hiring premises in which they can meet regularly to share music and play together.



For more information about Player Workshops and courses see Events Diary.

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Harps North West


Player Workshops



Harps North West organises Player Workshops for harp players of all ages and across a range of abilities. We invite and commission professional harp tutors from across the country to lead these workshops.


man playing the harp

We plan our programme of Player Workshops to cater for a range of ability levels from beginners through to advanced players. Often these workshops focus on special themes.


Harps North West has contributed a subsidy to tutor costs for harp courses open to the general public, and in this way helps to promote an established annual weekend harp course held in November at Higham Hall College, near Keswick, Cumbria.



We aim to continue promoting harp courses collaboratively with college venues in ways that meet the needs of harp players.