HNW Summer Harp Festival 2015

Held over 31 July - August 2

at Newton Rigg, Penrith

Our superb 2015 Festival featured a wide-ranging variety of courses with Ailie

Robertson, Heather Yule and a team of local tutors. 

The Festival began with an exciting concert by The Outside Track featuring

harpist Ailie Robertson. This was held in St Andrew’s Church in Penrith,

about 15 minutes’ drive from the College.

As well as all the fabulous harp courses available, John Hoare of Pilgrim Harps

showed us how to care for our harps, while Mary Dunsford had us playing the ukulele!

There was also harp servicing by John, and a superb collection of music and

CDs from Creighton’s Collection to browse through.  And let's not forget

Jane's delicious Jams!

And on the Saturday there was an Absolute Beginners’ Workshop,

where non-harpists had the opportunity to discover this special instrument.

(Harps were provided).

After the Festival Dinner on Saturday night, Heather Yule entertained us

with her Storytelling skills while we relaxed in our lounge (with bar) in the

College Conference Centre!

We loved meeting all of you harp enthusiasts for our weekend of total

harp immersion in the beautiful setting of the northern Lake District.



Supported by the Cumbria Community Foundation.


Our Summer Harp Festival 2015 was

supported by the Cumbria Community Foundation.


Tutors / Performers

Ailie Robertson and her band,

The Outside Track

Mary Dunsford

Anna Howard

Alice Pell

Heather Yule

Clare Bakewell

Courses at a Glance

Quebecois Music

Irish Music

Minstrels & Troubadours

Takes Two to Tango

Classics for Ensemble

Plucking Pops

Harp Maintenance

Manx Tunes

Sounds Familiar?

Harp and the Spoken Word

Absolute Beginners'

Come & Try Ukulele

harp curve and levers

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