Harps North West

Charity number 1093441

As a charity, Harps North West serves the general public in these ways:

  • We introduce absolute beginners of all ages to playing the harp at  tutor-led Beginner Workshops.

  • We promote and organise tutor-led Player Workshops  and courses for harp players across a range of abilities. These workshops and courses primarily are open to our subscribing members but some are also open to non-members.


  • We promote and provide harp playing performances, as informal recitals and as formal concert events open to the general public.

  • We provide information to the public to promote the work of Harps North West.


    Harps North West has a management committee, which is elected annually to plan and co-ordinate the charity’s activities.  All who join as members are encouraged to be involved in the organisation.

    For our subscribing members our management committee promotes harp playing opportunities and social activities.

    harp curve and levers

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