Harps North West

Harps North West is a registered charity whose main aim is to promote playing, teaching and appreciation of the harp.

hands and harp strings

We offer lots of exciting opportunities for people in North West England to learn more about this beautiful and fascinating instrument.

Our charity has the educational purpose of promoting the playing, teaching and appreciation of the harp.

We aim to enable more people to enjoy the harp in its various forms: from the inexpensive "cardboard" lap-harp to the glorious concert harp and everything in between, but especially the lever harp which is also known as the folk harp or clarsach. 

Most of our members, teachers and players live in

Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire, where we organise workshops, playing groups, skills sessions and our Summer Harp Festivals.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site, and that the harp will capture your imagination as it did ours!

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